An A+ in Authenticity

by Trudy on April 26, 2013

I was perusing a favourite company’s materials recently and came across a note from its leader that made my strategic heart sing.

Mainly because what PROVOKE has always held to be true, and share with every client we work with, was in print right before my eyes, being shared with its customers:

  • The company is here to make a difference
  • The company is an authentic expression of who it is and what its beliefs are
  • The company is about purpose first, profits follow purpose

I was so in tune with this I could not wait to continue reading on, I was hooked.

This company laid out its vision statement:

To create an endless reflection of hope, inspiration and love that will ignite the human spirit and change the world.

My goodness, who could argue with that? It sounds like a beautiful place to set up camp.

Any idea who this might be? What category the company is in?

Would it surprise you to know it is furniture?

It is Restoration Hardware that stopped me in my tracks.

It got me thinking, as I relaxed on a piece of Restoration furniture, how will my simple act of repose change the world? Or should I settle for reflecting hope, inspiration and love. Dang it, I just wanted a comfortable place to sit. Now I feel pressure to make something important happen on that sofa!

But I digress.

Gary Friedman, the leader of the company (with the rather lofty title of Chairman Emeritus, Creator and Curator of Restoration Hardware, it gave me a giggle), went on to share that the company decided to eliminate the marketing department (because he says marketing can be manipulative), and replaced it with the Truth Group.

Umm, okay. I was with him up to here. This whole thing is smelling a lot like marketing to me, anyone else sniffing that too. Why? Because it IS the truth. I do think this is their beliefs, and I do think there is a customer group that shares it – this is the magic of marketing. Bringing these two together for mutual benefit.

Goodness sakes people, is anyone out there still thinking in this world of instant transparency/tattling (hello social media!!) that there is any other option but the truth in marketing? Claiming to be who you aren’t is the fastest way to halt a relationship in its tracks (and you may even be at risk of public spanking too!).

Personally, I don’t think you need to enlist a marketing ploy and change your marketing department’s name, that is trying to solve the wrong problem.

Just do the marketing right in the first place, tell the truth, add value to someone, reap the rewards.

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