Being Memorable

by Trudy on June 22, 2012

It is most unfortunate when a client learns that their communications effort and investment is not sticking. But I am sad to say, that many hours and dollars are poured into communications of all kinds every day that just do not work hard enough. This is frustrating for all involved.

My personal opinion is that not enough effort is spent upfront to figure out what needs to be memorable by whom, and how best to do that. More people than not are more comfortable spending on creative and media than the insight that will make a lesser investment work better, but I digress. That is for another day.

The fact of the matter is that every day business and work goes on, and in reality gathering insight every time is just not realistic. So, what CAN we rely upon to create communication that is memorable?

There exists a good body of brain theory around encoding, and how it is the first step to creating a memory. We find this very valuable to clients that are trying to break through with messages (which they all are!!).

The concept centres on the idea that the most vivid memories we hold and recall, are memories of emotional events. Think about what stands out and endures in terms of your own memories. For me they are moments of great joy and loss, events that cut to my core and that I feel deeply.

The intensity of an experience aids in encoding, or laying down a memory. This is important to remember when you have the choice between the safe road and a more bold approach. Bold will always be more memorable. But of course, this is the time to say, bold still means being responsible, truthful and authentic. We are not talking about sensationalizing here.

Know what emotion you are trying to evoke, and make that happen. Emotion is what intensifies an experience. Proof being; remember that last stats filled meeting you were in recently? Yah, I thought not. If we are not creating a feeling, we have not done enough.

Connect your information to something that is already known. The pathways are already set and this makes it easier for your brain to know how to process this information, and for you to retrieve it.

And take a page from the pros in advertising and utilize tools like storytelling, visuals and personalization. This increases meaning and relevance.

As we prepare to present some data, this is a good reminder to us to tell the story as much as the numbers. I hope this helps you expend your effort more effectively today too.

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