CH-CH-CH- Changes

by Trudy on January 21, 2011

David Bowie’s (yes I know this is dating myself) catchy lyrics around change often run through my head. It is on auto play when I am thinking about something I need to change personally, when we are crafting a plan for a client that inevitably involves some kind of change, or when I am observing what is not working before my very eyes.

With it being early into the New Year, almost all of us have some desire to change something in or around us. I thought this was a good time to share a couple of key concepts of change that we have gleaned over the years as we have worked with our clients to help usher them through change of a minor or major scale.

  • The stage of things getting worse actually has a productive upside, it means we are getting closer to being ready to change. Options are running out to stay as we are, pressure is building to go a different way.
  • We need to clearly know what we are moving towards, and it needs to be super-compelling. If we cannot get excited about achieving the goal, it is not going to happen.
  • Small early wins are important to build confidence and sustain momentum. It is about acknowledging the successes along the journey towards the goal.
  • We can all easily identify what we will lose with change, but seeing what we will gain is harder – figure out what you stand to gain and focus on it. Otherwise the sacrifice is just not worth it.
  • It isn’t all sunshine and roses. If it isn’t uncomfortable at some point, we probably are not going far enough. Discomfort is precisely the moment NOT to give up, it is pre-break through.
  • We need to figure out what stands in our way of change and remove the obstacles.
  • And we all need to realize, it all comes down to behaviours – we personally need to act differently than we did before.

So here you have it, seven simple, but not always easy, concepts to reference when you embark upon change personally or professionally. Purposeful consideration at the start of change will set you up for better success.

Happy changing!

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