Communication: More than what you Think

by Vicki on October 11, 2013

Today’s blog is a bit out there. But stick with me, it’s a fun one.

One evening this summer, I caught a segment on Joe Rogan Questions Everything (please don’t judge me for my TV watching….I’m pretty open minded and interested in lots of weird and wonderful genres).

This episode explored the world of psychics and mentalists. The segment that I thought was fascinating featured Banachek, a mentalist who has written books on mentalism and has invented various magic and mentalism effects.

The show was mediocre at best, but this particular piece gave me cold chills and reminded me why I became a social psychologist and why humans are so fascinating.

I’ve started the video where Banachek demos a very short effect and then explains how the effect is conducted. The particular piece that interested me stops at 33:15 making the entire clip less than 3 minutes long (you’ll have to hit stop/pause once you reach that mark, there is no way to stop the video automatically).

What fascinated me is that it becomes so easy to believe in our fast paced info rich lives that we are what we think. That we behave in ways that are mostly governed by conscious thought and will.

This little clip reminded me that how we see and interpret the world is governed by SO much more than what we think. There are entire constellations of cues working behind the cognitive scenes to determine how we communicate with each other and interpret our reality.

How are you communicating – intentionally or otherwise?

My guess is likely MUCH more than what you think.

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