Does your Team Know what you Expect?

by Karen on July 15, 2011

I sometimes hear executives voice concerns that their employees are not delivering the results they had expected.  You would think, then, that when we talk to those same employees they would express feelings of pressure to do better or the disappointment that they were struggling to get the best job done.

Often, it is the opposite. The employees actually feel pretty good about their own performance.

Here is what I think is the disconnect –

The problem typically doesn’t lie at the employee level.  It lies in the lack of clarity around performance expectations and organizational goals.  If the expectations are not crystal clear and instead are left open to interpretation at the front-line level, employees are most likely going to feel like they are doing a good job because they will have their own set of performance measures on which to evaluate themselves.

So, if it appears that the front-line in your organization isn’t delivering the results you expect, I’d suggest looking at what the employees understand the performance expectations to be and if that is aligned with your objective.

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