Fostering Change One Squat at a Time

by Vicki on November 15, 2013

Trudy and I have written many posts on the topic of change – readiness to change, the culture of change, the implicit difficulty of change, the struggles people and organizations experience in maintaining change.

One of the specific sectors PROVOKE has consistently been invited to work within is population health – a context where change is often desired and fostered. But as you can well imagine, trying to promote and grow change within populations is NOT an easy task.

I think that is why this initiative and associated video was so impactful to me – it marries change and health in a really fun, easy (if you can squat!), and rewarding (on a couple levels!) way.

This video is a brilliant example of how change should be implemented. Changing behavior doesn’t have to be awful.

Yes, it is only a small behavior change. But if you look at the broader implications the video suggests, people are exercising willingly, people are connecting to each other in ways that likely would not happen naturally with public transportation, and people are smiling, laughing and having fun.

How do you incorporate change in your life? Does it feel like pulling teeth?

If so, I challenge you to think about how you could sprinkle in some elements captured in this video.

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