Hey What’s That?

by Trudy on August 3, 2012

I have noticed lately that I am noticing more lately. Maybe because I have been trying to pay attention, be awake to what is around me.

In the past I have been proud of my laser focus. When I have something to attend to the rest of the world drops away. It is a joke with the people in my world that they see me driving, in grocery stores, and they will not even register with me as I am engaged in my task. One friend has made a game of it, how many times can I see Trudy and she does not see me. I think she has gone many months now.

I realized there may be a downside to this obsessive commitment to my task of the moment when I saw a video at a conference. The audience was told to watch a 60 sec video of a red shirt team and a black shirt team passing basketballs. We were told to count how many times the red shirts passed the ball. I locked on and got the answer right (insert smug look here). Then the speaker asked who saw the dancing gorilla. Gorilla? What gorilla? He played it again and sure enough a black gorilla danced through the players. Really.

Hmm, maybe I need to notice more. So I started to look at things not on my agenda. I started allowing more time to allow for unplanned opportunities, and I took some of them up. And then I noticed how so many of us do not pay much attention at all.

How can we truly connect with family, friends, co-workers, customers if we are not paying attention for what we do not know what to pay attention to?

The clues are there for us to be better connected, if we just pay attention. Opportunity awaits!

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