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by Karen on March 11, 2011

I love hearing stories about organizations that WOW their stakeholders and this is an impressive one.

A close friend of mine joined a direct sales company and I’ve never seen her so impressed and overwhelmed by an organization.  The organization, started 14 years ago by two women, promises a culture of friendship, family, fun and a dedication to helping other women’s dreams come true.  When I first heard it I thought it sounded a little hokey but perhaps that is only because it sounded too good to be true.  A few highlights:

  • A day before a big snowstorm was expected to hit the head office location, an e-mail went out to all representatives announcing that the head office (where management, shipping and customer service are located) would be closed the next day for employee safety reasons.
  • My friend made an error attempting to exchange a customer’s purchase and the shipment got lost.  The organization understood that these things happened, provided a quick overview of how to exchange product and shipped the new order at no cost to the customer.
  • Professional sales training is provided several times a week and can be heard on the internal web-site if needed
  • Each representative is provided with intuitive tools to build their own web-site  (linked to the main site)
  • Representatives have access to technical tools designed to minimize administration and make it easy to keep in touch with customers
  • Incentive programs provide trips to luxury resorts with the purpose of celebrating their own success and thanking support networks (i.e., family and friends)
  • All product is fully refundable or exchangeable

My friend, a representative for this company for a year now, had so many stories that prove the owners’ authenticity I just had to go to one of their OPEN business meetings last week.  What I saw was amazing.  I saw 80+ established, new and emerging representatives eager to discover how to be more successful.  Keen to make friends with their colleagues who were more than willing to share tips and praise the company. Videos of recent product launches at national business meetings brought cheers from the room. Stories from women who had just returned from a national leadership meeting were of new learnings and friendships, providing a source of inspiration for everybody listening.  And in some cases brought the room to fits of laughter and tears of joy.  I was in awe.

Selling for this company is EASY because representatives trust, respect and admire the company and the leadership.  Talk about building relationships and getting every dollar of investment out of that commitment.

What kind of relationship is your organization building?


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