More communication PLEASE!

by Karen on June 24, 2011

How often do you hear co-workers asking for more communication from their company?  It seems every time I turnaround it is a topic of conversation among organization leaders.  In fact, with a client we are working with right now, the first words out their mouth at the introductory meeting were “our employees want more communication.”  From there, the conversation went to:

  • How can we reach everyone when they are spread all over the country?
  • How can we reach everyone when not everyone sits at a computer
  • Should we consider starting up a blog?
  • How about getting on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin?
  • How often do we communicate?
  • Should we have a monthly newsletter, perhaps quarterly?

So, as we went into our interviews with employees, I was on the lookout for insight into communication needs and preferred channels.

As expected, almost every single employee brought forward the desire for more communication.  And in the PROVOKE way, I challenged with “tell me more about that.”  What I discovered is that they were asking to be included in problem solving, given an opportunity to voice their ideas on issues or changes that impact THEIR work and ultimately be respected for the knowledge and expertise they bring to the organization.

Again, it all boils down to understanding your audience and building healthy respectful relationships.


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