Musings on Mental Wellness

by Vicki on July 8, 2011

I’ve always found it fascinating that people are so open and direct, even proud of the practices and behaviors they engage in to promote wellness within their physical bodies. We eat well, exercise, sleep 8 hours each night, visit GPs each and every year, consume supplements, refrain from smoking, drink alcohol only in moderation, slather on sunblock and always wear our seatbelts.

But people are much less forthcoming about the practices they engage in to promote wellness of mind and spirit. Try to remember the last time someone proudly revealed to you that they visited a counselor to help them think through a troubling issue or to gain some better coping skills. Or that someone cried in front of you and didn’t apologize for what is truly a normal emotional release to a sad event. My bet is that you would struggle to think of such instances.

What has become exceedingly clear to me is the importance of the link between body and mind. Only focusing on one element (i.e., mind OR body) simply doesn’t cut it. For optimum wellness, it is critical to spend time, energy and resources on both.

Try taking a moment to consider what you do to keep your whole being in top form. It will serve you well!

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