Trudy White-Matthews
Trudy founded PROVOKE in 1998 after spending 15 years in the world of communications, advertising, marketing strategy. Her ability to problem solve and lead, had her leap to ever increasing roles of leadership, being a Vice President of the largest ad agency in Western Canada before she was 30. She is a born problem solver, who is driven to make the most of whatever is in front of her. Her enthusiasm to dig, ask the right questions, discover, connect and make sense of it all, is the foundation of the passion she brings to every effort. She will keep going until she proves and feels that the optimum opportunity has been found. It is not enough to know what is going on, she needs to know why, and what to do with it so that success can be reached by all.

I started PROVOKE with a simple premise more than sixteen years ago – imagine what can happen when people in organizations can see more, think more and act more purposefully. I have assembled some great minds in PROVOKE to help answer the eternal business question, “Now what?”


Vicki Deveau
Vicki is our resident Social Psychologist who has intelligently and tactfully kept us grounded for ten years now.

Her keen ability to see how social psychological theory manifests itself in real-world situations helps to establish the solid grounding of PROVOKE’s insights and learnings. Her role on our team is to zero in on how people think and behave and identify key strategies to foster change through the lens of social psychology. She has successfully helped organizations identify triggers to action, understand how people make decisions, understand how audiences receive messaging and determine motivations and barriers to engagement.

PROVOKE affords me the ability to unleash my unbridled enthusiasm for observing and making sense of relationships while at the same time connecting tangible impacts in the real-world of business.

Delving deep inside organizations has allowed me to positively affect thousands of relationships. That’s what it all boils down to.

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