Social Media Snapshot 2012

by Vicki on February 8, 2013

There aren’t many days that go by that I don’t think about how relationships, communications and social interactions are quickly changing as a result of social media. Some changes that quickly come to mind include:

  • The speed by which communication transfers and our associated expectations for response
  • The elimination of the gatekeepers/intermediaries of information (e.g., news organizations)
  • The ability of consumers of knowledge, the arts, commodities and so on to connect directly with producers and vice versa
  • Increases in control – control over what you consume, when you consume, how you consume
  • Tremendous increases in transparency – of corporations, people, ideas
  • The ability to have tangential relationships with people we would otherwise not connect with (e.g., think of Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts or Twitter followers)

A couple weeks ago, I found this fabulous infographic on that creatively tells the story of the impact of social media on our lives in 2012.

Some stats that jumped out at me:

  • 40% of people report socializing more online than in person
  • 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute (YouTube has a stat that says 72hrs/min.)
  • 250 million photos are added to Facebook daily
  • 1 out of 7 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook
  • 517 million registered Twitter users – but 40% have never tweeted
  • We interact with our mobiles 40-80 times a day on average
  • More of us in the world have mobiles than toothbrushes
  • 70% of brands ignore complaints on Twitter (Holy cow!!!! What is up with this?!)

Looking through these stats, the prevalence and power of social media is amazing.

These stats tell me that we have a strong desire to connect, share and relate with others.

But the ways we are doing so are SO different than how we traditionally think of establishing and maintaining relationships.

There is so much information on the web that talks about these trends. Specific numbers and stats vary somewhat (the stat checker in me could not help researching these numbers a bit more) but the social trends suggested by this infographic are sound: we are constantly connecting using radically different methods with a significantly larger and more diverse network of people and how this all plays out in terms of the nature and quality of our relationships and communications is definitely still evolving.

Such exciting times!

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