Are you Really Collaborating?

December 3, 2010

Or are you cooperating? Maybe coordinating?  Turns out the concept of collaboration means different things to different people and expectations of the output of collaboration are equally diverse. “To some, it suggests polite cooperation. To others, it includes everything from shared data to joint operations. To a labor union representative, however, it means getting too […]

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Do you have to Suffer to feel a Sense of Urgency?

November 12, 2010

At one of my first job interviews, the hiring manager asked me a string of questions to uncover whether I had faced and overcome personal challenges.  He wanted to know if anyone in my family and been chronically ill or died at a young age.  Parents still married?  Cut from the basketball team? Boyfriend dump […]

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Marketing isn’t a Real Thing is it?

October 22, 2010

… It’s mostly guessing. DILBERT by Scott Adams From the time I graduated with a business degree (marketing specialty), friends, family and colleagues have taken great pleasure in forwarding the Dilbert comic strip when marketing was the butt of the joke.  The operating people, in particular, found it sooooo funny! Well, I recently found Dilbert […]

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Where do Innovative Ideas Come From?

September 24, 2010

I’ve always believed the most innovative and successful strategy came from people or groups of people with the clearest view.  From people that weren’t afraid to question and challenge the status quo, people that could look at the information in front of them without bias and see opportunity where others see problems and inevitable deterioration. […]

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$#*! From the Boardroom

June 4, 2010

Ever noticed that the term innovation surfaces every spring? It’s in the news, it’s top priority for government, universities ponder the meaning of it and how to educate for it, organizations unveil new products and leaders are scrutinized for their ability to deliver it. The timing of this topic makes a ton of sense! Organizations […]

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