Are you Likeable?

October 29, 2010

Based on a significant number of clues converging on me lately, I have been reminded of the priceless-ness of likability in business. Like the mayoral candidate in Calgary that ran a campaign on likability who took a nose-dive over a contrite comment about doing inappropriate things in cereal. Why? Because with one uncensored comment, the […]

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Marketing isn’t a Real Thing is it?

October 22, 2010

… It’s mostly guessing. DILBERT by Scott Adams From the time I graduated with a business degree (marketing specialty), friends, family and colleagues have taken great pleasure in forwarding the Dilbert comic strip when marketing was the butt of the joke.  The operating people, in particular, found it sooooo funny! Well, I recently found Dilbert […]

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Where do Innovative Ideas Come From?

September 24, 2010

I’ve always believed the most innovative and successful strategy came from people or groups of people with the clearest view.  From people that weren’t afraid to question and challenge the status quo, people that could look at the information in front of them without bias and see opportunity where others see problems and inevitable deterioration. […]

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Insight from President Bill Clinton

May 21, 2010

President Clinton shared his perspective on the challenges and the blessings of today’s world. Within his presentation, two thoughts  that really made me pause were: In 1992 when Bill Clinton was first elected, there were three news channels and only 50 websites. With three channels competing for news leadership, there was an ongoing check and […]

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