relationship dynamics

Living it Every Step of the Way

March 11, 2011

I love hearing stories about organizations that WOW their stakeholders and this is an impressive one. A close friend of mine joined a direct sales company and I’ve never seen her so impressed and overwhelmed by an organization.  The organization, started 14 years ago by two women, promises a culture of friendship, family, fun and […]

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Risky Business

February 18, 2011

I’ve been on the buying side and the “we’re for sale” side of corporate purchases.  Through the extensive due diligence efforts witnessed when on the “for sale” side, I was shocked at how little all but one of the 10+ organizations that put us through the due diligence ringer looked at customer, employee and supplier […]

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So Where are we At?

December 10, 2010

Earlier this year when we decided to launch our blog, we did it for a few reasons. We wanted a method to stay connected with people in a meaningful, thought-provoking way. We also wanted to share our perspectives on how we view the world – through the relationship lens. The notion of relationships is not […]

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You Made a Difference (or Did You?)

November 19, 2010

As I ponder receiving my precious learner’s first report card of the year on Monday, I can’t help but think – wouldn’t it be great to have that level of feedback on our efforts all of the time? We all toil away every day in so many ways, but is our effort contributing in important […]

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Are you Likeable?

October 29, 2010

Based on a significant number of clues converging on me lately, I have been reminded of the priceless-ness of likability in business. Like the mayoral candidate in Calgary that ran a campaign on likability who took a nose-dive over a contrite comment about doing inappropriate things in cereal. Why? Because with one uncensored comment, the […]

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