by Vicki on June 25, 2013

As you may or may not know, Calgary suffered from devastating flooding last week.

Tens of thousands of people were evacuated, thousands of homes have been destroyed, critical city infrastructure decimated and iconic areas of Calgary such as the Stampede Grounds and the Zoo severely damaged.

But in the midst of all the destruction and ruin, an inspiring sense of community, civic pride and selflessness is emerging. It’s humbling.

Trudy and I often talk about the importance of messaging and communication. The need for clear, accurate and simple communication becomes even more critical in times of emergency. People have a need for information about the immediate circumstances as well as a need to understand what will happen big picture.

As I scrolled through Twitter this morning, I spotted the following short video by Bradley Stuckel.

It is an exemplary piece of messaging in that it:

  • Is simple
  • Is short
  • Uses impactful visuals
  • Evokes strong emotion
  • Focuses on “we” – that we are all interconnected
  • Has a call to action – share information on how we can do our part to help

Perhaps most importantly, it embodies a message that is inspirational and instills a sense of hope.  Exactly the kind of message needed in challenging times.

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