What is the Right Thing?

by Trudy on December 13, 2013

I have had the privilege this year to work on a project that establishes effective communication principles around a very important and emotionally charged social topic – the wage gap in Canada.

The journey I have been on this year with this topic has been profound.  It has challenged me on so many levels, and as I dove deeper and deeper into the facts, it required me to reflect and rethink concepts personally and societally.

It is the kind of project one cannot walk through unchanged, and for that I am grateful.

It also explains my negative response to news that some Wal-Marts hold a food drive at the store for Wal-Mart associates in need. One would presume this is due to inadequate financial resources in their homes.

You should also know that Wal-Mart earned a $15.7 billion dollar profit last year.

This is just one example, of far too many that exist, of a corporate responsibility issue, and it is shameful. Shameful for all the businesses that under-pay their employees in the name of smart business and profit, and yet maintain it is perfectly legal as they meet the minimum pay requirements. It is shameful for governments that establish minimum wages that are inadequate to live on.  And shameful for all of us that feel the lowest price is more important than ensuring people make a decent living.

This is a complex issue, that requires awareness and action at all layers of society, and there is no simple fix.

But maybe there is a simple place to start. Maybe we all just need to think about making decisions that are about doing the right thing.

I guess therein is the debate:  which right is the right, right thing?

I encourage all of us to consider what “doing the right thing” means to you.

‘Tis the season after all.

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