What’s Your Sentence?

by Karen on April 9, 2010

Focus, motivation, better results and a good sleep!
We are known for asking thought provoking questions. In fact, during the discovery phase of the PROVOKE process, one of our client’s told me she liked the questions we put forward because it made her stop and really think. She even used these same questions to kick-off her Monday morning meetings to help motivate and focus her project team.

Dan Pink (author, A Whole New Mind) does the same thing for me. At the start of the year he threw out the question “What is your sentence?” His idea is that answering this question in combination with “Was I better today than yesterday?” will help you find your true motivation.

It made me think about whether one sentence could, or even should, apply to all aspects of my life (career, family, friendships, community…). Was I living my life consistently? Where else could these two questions be applied?

Answering these questions would provide great focus for any initiative or project I was working on, personal or business!

Watch Dan’s video. It will make you think, it will provide focus, and as Dan suggests, it may help you find your true motivation.

My sentence:
She helped others move forward by being genuinely interested in their well-being.

Was I better today than yesterday?
What I know is that when I can answer “yes” to this question, I sleep easier and wake up happier.

What’s your sentence?

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