When was the Last Time you Really Noticed?

by Trudy on December 7, 2012

We are undertaking a refresh in our offices currently, just to update the look. But the funny thing has been bringing in suppliers to talk about things we need to replace or change – that is when I started to notice things. Things that I had long ago stopped noticing. Like the papers that got taped to the feature maple wall in reception for easy reference, but looks like hell (now gone!). The side tables in the meeting rooms that have suddenly gotten cluttered with too much stuff. The ugly odd chair being used at the front – where did that even come from?

Over time little choices that junked up a space. And none of us really noticed it because it was a gradual slide.

It made me think of an issue I dealt with when I worked on the McDonald’s Restaurant account. Visual fatigue of stores. Hard as it may be to believe, those golden arches can completely disappear when you drive past them too much, you end up not even noticing the store.

It was a good reminder for me to keep my eyes open. Or the fastest way is to walk through with a stranger, and ask them to point out what they see. It will keep us all honest and tightly executed with our visual/space experience. After all, our physical space is one of the most direct expressions of the brand.

When was the last time you looked around with a critical eye, whether it is your workspace, your office, your retail location, your online location, etc? Don’t let “make do” decisions negatively affect your brand work.

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