Who Wants a Weiner for Mayor?

by Trudy on August 2, 2013

For those who may have missed it, Anthony Weiner, a married American politician, who bowed to the pressure of his sexting indiscretions and quit his elected post in Congress in June 2011, then publicly claimed to have corrected his behaviour in July 2012, went on to become a dad, and this week has had more of his sexting indiscretions revealed in the midst of his bid to become New York City’s next Mayor.

Tempting as it is to make light of the irony of the name and the circumstances of New York City’s salacious wanna be mayor, I will keep my comments uncharacteristically un-sarcastic.

To me this is yet another opportunity for each of us to reflect on what we require of our leaders and ourselves as leaders.

Are any of us perfect? Highly unlikely. Have most of us done something we shouldn’t have and come to regret it? Maybe so.

The bigger questions are: Did we learn from our mistakes? Is it reasonable to think that our ethics can be compartmentalized?

To err is human, to figure out how to fix our errs is a leader. Meaning there is grace to make the mistake, once.

Something we talk about a lot in this blog is worldviews. The frame of reference we use to make decisions cannot be compartmentalized (His rationale is that he did not hurt the voters, he only hurt his family – huh?) regardless of what we tell ourselves.

One can only reflect on the idea that if a person can make decisions, repeatedly, that can hurt the ones closest to us, what kind of decisions will that person make when they do not have to look anyone in the eye to account for their decisions?

A good time to remember, that leadership is not for everyone. It does require more of us. Step up or step out are the only real choices.

However it turns out, one thing is for sure, if enough NYC voters crown him mayor, they will definitely have, as his campaign slogan promises, a “weiner for mayor”.

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